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My Resolution? Longer Vacations

I detest New Year’s Resolutions.  They make me nervous only to eventually make me feel like a failure.  So I haven’t made them for years.  Having an extended vacation over this recent holiday season gave me time to realize one thing, however:  While I don’t make resolutions, I do make grander (almost resolution-like) life changes after long vacations.  And these resolutions, uh changes, tend to stick.  Having time to get in touch with the real me, it seems, brings about real change.

A vacation last spring resulted in my daughter and I planning a summer overnighter for teen 4-Hers.  That plan came to fruition mid-summer 2013 and was a success.  Christmas break 2011 found me planning to get entirely out of debt by age 50.  I turned 50 in 2013, out of debt and possessing a much higher credit rating.  Of course, there was the summer vacation of great hotel mirrors where I discovered the importance of sunscreen, and the spring fling of ill-fitting, “trendy” clothes where I learned to wear only what I loved and what fit, but those stories involve skin discoloration and popping buttons so no…

I have recently begun meditating daily and exercising for at least 15 minutes every morning before I leave for work.  Christmas break 2013 gave me time to refine these practices and to realize how important they are to my happiness.  These practices will continue.

So there you have it.  I resolve to take longer vacations.  Last summer I took a few days off here and there to have some three-day weekends.  I didn’t get the clarity I crave from a break, so longer vacations it will be.  At least until my next long vacation and I have another epiphany…

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