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Bring it On!

Ringing in 2013 will be both celebration and meditation for me today. The menu is made, the groceries purchased, clothes laid out, house cleaned, and the plan for entertaining is set. It is 8:00 am on December 31 -time to reflect on 2012 and project into 2013.

I do not make new years resolutions. An incessant planner, I resolve daily. But the planning process begins with reflection and projection.

2012 was a year of personal enlightenment. I made spiritual inroads leading to enhanced physical and mental health, mistakes with my children I’ll be righting for a lifetime, marital discoveries, and professional revelations. My daughter left the nest for college. My son took on major leadership roles in her absence at school and home. My husband took on a new job that became a career. My friends surprised me. My mother consoled me. And I decided to pursue a second masters degree – this time in marketing.

2013 will find me meditating more, focusing more, loving more. What happens as a result of these is all good. And when I get so caught up in the things that don’t matter I know the Universe will smack me with cosmic karma and straighten my path.

Bring it on, 2013!


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