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Come Together

So Starbucks is having their baristas write “come together” on customers’ cups to prompt congress to take action on the fiscal cliff. Corporate America wanting government to act in their interest is no surprise, but the personal handwriting of the employees on the cups gives the impression of a grass roots movement – something many Starbucks customers dig. Marketing genius. There have been stories about it on the two morning shows I’ve watched this morning already.

I propose to congress that they “come together” on issues of the heart and soul. How about they tackle education? Issues of race and gender, maybe? What if our elected officials decided to devote more than sound bites and passing appeasements to the LGBT agenda? And if they illustrated through legislation that spiritual diversity is truly valued in this nation…?

Is it too much to wish for our basic human dignity needs to be addressed? If we address them adequately, issues of who gets to keep the most money may not be that important. Maybe we would want everyone to have some measure of “wealth.”. Whatever that means.

Until next time, evaluate the issues you would like to see us “come together” for. What does “wealth” mean to you?

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