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It’s Not the Quantity. It’s the Quality.


I “creep” (my kids’ word for my looking at) on my kids’ Twitter accounts.  I do it, and I make no apologies.  They are teenagers.  I pay most of their way in life.  And I want to ensure they are making wise decisions while using social media – especially since once something is posted, the danger exists that someone may capture what was posted before it can be deleted. Generally I find that their posts are appropriate.  Sometimes I am actually inspired by a post or status.

Last night was one such time.  My son’s girlfriend tweeted a quote from his pre-competition pep talk given as drum captain for his high school marching band.  It appears some on the drum line were disheartened by the size and resulting volume of some of the other schools’ percussion sections.  Our little band has four in the drum line and two in the pit.  “It’s Not the Quantity.  It’s the Quality.”, she quoted, giving credit to him.

He gets it as a 16-year-old in a leadership position.  The kids he leads get it.  At least for their situation in competitive band.

But what about the rest of us?  And how about these kids?  Do they believe this in other areas of their lives?

Are we satisfied with a few quality pieces of clothing, or do we have to have the latest and best regardless of the room in our closets or the availability of funds?  Do we rush out to buy our kids a new vehicle, even if it puts us in debt, so that our kids will have a car as nice as some of the others in the student lot at school?  Here’s the biggie…Are we satisfied with our child getting a B from a quality teacher; or do we insist that he/she is transferred into another classroom with an “easier” teacher so that they can maintain their perfect A average?  Are we as parents, a society, setting the example that a happy life IS about quality.  Are we giving our kids the idea that more stuff is not better, better grades are not always a reflection of a quality education, and education is not just what occurs in the confines of a classroom?

I’d like to think, from my son’s tweet, that he’s sold on the quality vs. quantity concept.  But I know it is a lifelong process – especially in a society that often preaches one thing but practices another.  I also know that I struggle with it from time to time.  I am trying to let go of my ego, and I am trying to teach my kids to do the same.  Like everything else that is worthwhile, I’ll keep working on it.

Until next time, let’s focus on quality in our relationships, our work ethic, and our attitudes.  Let’s “creep” on others doing quality work as well!


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