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It’s Been a While

I have had this blog entry in my mind for years now.  I have meant to get to it, but something- always something – has gotten in the way.  Now, it’s time.  Lunch break.  Me time.  Time to get back to Styleconviction.  After a multiple-year hiatus.

Reading back on all of the previous posts, I feel I must start by telling you where I stand on some of the ideas I brought forth here in previous blogs.  First and foremost, I still plan.  I plan to plan.  I love the control and (work with me here) the spontaneity that comes with having a plan in place.  My planning frees me to do things on a whim because the necessary details of my life are already attended to.

I no longer diet.  I have kept the thirty pounds off I speak of in a earlier post, but I refuse to count points or eat food just because it is low-cal/low-fat/low-taste.  I eat the food I like until I am full.  I do not eat until I bust.  I realize now that I used to spend a lot of time looking for something else to eat – not because I was hungry, but because I hadn’t eaten what I truly wanted and what my body or taste buds craved the first time.  No more.  I eat what I like and I exercise moderately.  I do both for enjoyment.

My latest food-related hobby is finding one or two new recipes a week and making them for my family.  Last night I made Cheesy Chicken Pockets and Homemade Pay Day Bars.  I have asked the bloggers on a recipe site I recently joined if I might share them here.  We’ll see.  I find that cooking what I like and what my family enjoys is nurturing.  I like the creativity involved in the process, adding or subtracting from a recipe to make it my own.  I like the time spent perusing the recipe blogs and books to find what my family and I are craving.  I find the older I get, the more I thoroughly enjoy the process of preparing a meal or treat and presenting it in such a way that all people eating it feel special.

Until next time, find a recipe that feeds you – body and soul.  See if it awakens something in you!


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