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Something for Me!

When you make your plans for next week, make sure you plan something for yourself every day.  Nurture your spirit and/or nurture your body.  But it must be just for you.  We get so caught up in nurturing everyone else that we forget ourselves.  Then we get flustered and nervous and are no good to anyone.

For example, today I will give myself a manicure.  I love getting out all the bottles and choosing the perfect hue to match the season or my mood.  It will be a good way to nurture my girly side and I will benefit the entire week.

When we nurture ourselves, we connect with ourselves on a deeper level and are not as prone to running to the refrigerator for comfort.  Indulging our spirits and bodies with nonfood activities is being kind to ourselves.  When we experience kindness, we feel less out of control and are less likely to bury our true feelings under food.

Until next time, find a  way to be good to yourself for at least 15 minutes every day.


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