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Wardrobe Style on a Budget

What are you wearing today?  Tomorrow?  The day after that?  A week from now?  If you don’t know, let me tell you how weekly wardrobe planning has changed my life for the better.

I am on a very strict budget.  I got myself into credit card debt trying to keep up with the Joneses (or my idea of the Joneses – seems the Jones family was only a figment of my imagination).  I wear “spring” pants in the winter and “fall” clothing in the spring.  I can’t see spending money on additional cold weather items when I can use other, less expensive, seasonal items such as scarves, turtle necks, tights, and “color.”   I adjust using inexpensive t-shirts and tanks in the spring.   Seasonal shoes are another way to extend an outfit.  Suede shoes are a cold weather staple and open-toed sandals indicate warmer weather.

The key to mixing these pieces with style is planning – planning my wardrobe for every day of the week.  Yes, even Saturdays and Sundays.   If I didn’t plan EVERY piece I wear, then mixing items from different seasons would  look tacky at best.  I mean down to jewelry and undergarments.

The biggest payoff to planning my wardrobe is looking polished and pulled together no matter how busy my morning has been or if my alarm didn’t work.

Another payoff?  I am not looking in my closet for ten minutes trying to get an outfit to get my through the day and wasting precious time.  When I used to do this, I would get frustrated and then panic because I was always running late.  What would happen then is something I am not proud of.  I would take my frustration out on my family, and the morning would turn into a shouting match.  Not the way I want to send my family to work and school.  I have found this hard to reconcile about myself.

It’s Sunday.  My planning day.  I will sit down and plan every outfit I am wearing this week.  For some days, I will need to plan an outfit that can take me through functions with different dress codes (take off the blazer and knot the scarf differently, for example).  For other days, one outfit will suffice.  The key is planning ahead and knowing ahead so I am not stressed to the max.  Undergarments and jewelry are very important.  Does that pair of brown tights work with those low- waisted wool pants, or will it make me bulge over the top of the waistband?  Does that necklace compete with the ornamentation already on that sweater?  Planning this today will make all the difference on that morning when my daughter forgot she needs her cheer fundraising papers filled out and turned in that day or my son tells me his basketball coach decided to call an impromptu practice right after school and his practice jersey needs washed before I leave for work.

It all comes together when I plan.

Until next time… consider setting some time aside for yourself to make yours and your family’s life better?


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