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I slept in this morning.  After a long work week, and the promise of a week’s vacation, I gave into my body’s signals not to move at the sound of my 7:00 am alarm.  At 9:00 am, my body was ready.  But sleeping in had made me groggy and unmotivated.  Thankfully, the coffee pot was brewing due – God bless my husband!  One large cup of nirvana later, I was ready for breakfast and to prepare for a local high school state playoff game.

Now, not too long ago, I would have scoured the pantry and the refrigerator for something to stop the hunger pangs.  It would have been something calorie laden, fast, and overall not very satisfying.  I would have been hungry an hour later, and the guilt from the poor health habits would make me want to give up and give in to all my cravings.  “I’ll start tomorrow”‘, I’d think to myself.  And the feeding frenzy would begin.  As would the stuffing of the feelings under ALL THAT FOOD And lack of attention to self.

After attending numerous Weight Watchers meetings, Franklin Covey planning seminars, professional trainings, and masses, I know that all successful people in diets, the workplace, and spirituality, have a plan – a blueprint – a goal.  And it is prominent in their lives.  It drives all their other decisions.   As does my plan – a plan that consists of prioritized lists.

All of my family’s breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are planned two weeks in advance.  After I plan our meals, I prepare the grocery list.  And, yes, I shop for two weeks at a time, from paycheck to paycheck.  I used to get to the end of my paycheck and still have more days left  – and not enough food to make healthy meals for my family.  Oh, we made due, but it was depressing.  Especially considering what I had spent my money on:  clothes we didn’t need, eating out on a whim, hotel stays just for the heck of it.  Now, I buy the food first.  The money I still have left at the end of my paycheck now is amazing to me.  I can pay my bills, eat satisfying, healthy meals, and still have a little left over for recreation.

I am equally as pleased with my weekly wardrobe planning.  Wait ’til I tell you about how I never worry about what I am going to wear and whether or not it is stylish and appropriate.

Until then, remember – Lists are stylish.


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